Escaping Chicks!

I had a bright idea that I wanted a cute Easter photo of all our chickie babies in an Easter basket. Do you know how hard it is to keep four energetic chicks in one basket? Almost impossible. Luckily the camera was set on video instead of still, so I got the hilarity recorded! (And yes, we did clean the rug. Yucko. This is why I don’t allow chicks in the living room…but I really wanted a the black rock box as a backdrop for my photos)

We did manage to get photos of them one at a time.









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One thought on “Escaping Chicks!

  1. Tempest Mom on said:

    Do they actually look different enough that you can tell them apart? Two look a little lighter to me, but that’s about it. Will they be lighter like that when they are full gorwn too.. I mean, so as to be able to still tell them apart?

    Again.. freaking CUTE!!! I’m never ordering chicken parmigan again!!! LOL

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