Find It Games/I Spy tubes.

Since Celia found and enjoyed these at both our eye doctor and dentist, I’ve been wanting to make them. I struggled with finding just the right kind of tube (mailer tubes would work well, but aren’t widely available, certainly not here!) But once I found it….it was SO easy.

Racketball tubes! You can get a tube of 3 Racketballs at Walmart for less than $2.50. The top screws on, so it’s easy to put a few dabs of superglue on there and tighten it down. Added bonus in that my kids LOVE the racketballs. They make most excellent wall balls.

So supplies would be rice, bird seed, beads, or some other ‘filler’ material. Small treasure to put inside (I got wooden things from Michaels for .25 each, plus decorative buttons in packs for $2 (about 8-20 buttons for that price). Needless to say, I have a LOT of buttons left over (MOPS will be making these, so the buttons will be used there) and this is something best done with a group of friends to keep costs down. A funnel was nice, but not necessary with the wide mouth of the tube. I did not make a list of items to find, rather just left it up to discovery. I was pressed for time and my youngest can’t read….but you can do that if you like.


Just layer in the rice and items. Fill with rice to where the bottom of the cap will go. Put the lid on and shake up, see if it works as you like. Put in more rice, or remove a little, as needed. When you get it just right, carefully put a few dabs of superglue on the threads and twist the cap on tight.

Easiest craft ever.

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