Easter Morning.


Celia’s basket:


Jordan’s basket:


Letter from The Bunny:


Ready to hunt:


Hunting for eggs:



You will notice that is the sun isn’t quite up yet:


Celia getting WAY too much candy before church:



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2 thoughts on “Easter Morning.

  1. Tempest Mom on said:

    Oh, I LOVED your baskets!!! That letter CRACKED ME UP!! Did you write that? Dude, why for you make me come over here to see all of these cool stuffs!!! ;-p

    And, because it’s a couple of days later, I’m hungry for easter candy again.. I bet it’s ALL on sale for 75% now.. hmmmmm… *must run to store – all Beck’s fault* 😉

  2. Tempest Mom on said:

    Oh, and BTW… that was off the charts crazy going easter egg hunting that early in the morning!!! LOL What was in your eggs? Woulda’ had to be gold for me to get my butt out there that early and in the cold! LOL

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