Our New Babies!

They are finally here!  Rather unexpectedly too!

The local farming supply stores were not sure if they were going to get any spring chicks.  I called yesterday morning and was told still no news.  We were in Morgantown, and on a whim I had Chris call again and they were there!  We hurried over and picked them out.

I was only planned on getting three (the smallest number you should really have) but as soon as Chris saw the huge tub of chirping cuteness, he turned into a woman and squealed “OMG!!!  We can’t just get THREE!!!  We need at least TEN!!!!”

What in the world would we do with all those chickens, not to mention all those eggs?  I managed to talk him down to four (so we could each have one to name) and we’re still going to have too many eggs.

Poor things were cold on the car ride home and LOUDLY protesting.  We were a bit worried about how much noise they would make, but once we got them settled into their new home, everyone got warm and happy and quieted down (some, you can still hear little chirps…but not enough to keep you awake at night).

Here they are…our new pollitos!


We tried to pick ones that looked noticibly different. Who knows if they will keep that coloring as they mature into adults.

Estela (Stella) is Jordan’s chick. She’s the lightest colored one.


Then we have Belinda. She’s Celia’s chick. Belinda means beautiful.


Next is Jennifer Lopez (Henny) We were joking about using Spanish names for them and Chris was joking around about HENiffer Lopez. So he went with it for his chick.


Lastly, Dolce Brunela. I couldn’t pick one name I liked for mine, so I gave her two. I reserve the right to drop one. If I stick with Brunela (she is the cutest little brown thing!) then I’ll probably call her Brownie.


Here is what their new home looks like:


(ignore the messy dining room. it’s designated as Honduras staging and packing zone…and not chick housing. no eating happening in there!)

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