Random photos from today…..

Today ended the manic spree of events we had.  Now I’m free to concentrate on a nice, quiet Easter and packing for Honduras.  We were at church all day for the final day of the Passion, and I took some random pics.

First, both Celia and I were enamored of the actors walking around getting their lunch in full makeup.  It takes quite awhile to get everyone properly made up, and they look great from the stage, but this is what they look like up close:


Adam was WAY happy about me taking his photo while it tried to eat Subway without smearing his makeup. Celia thought he looked like a cat. Everyone, even the kids, get a spray tan prior to each performance. Some local salon brought equipment and people in to provide that on site, which is pretty huge.

Here is Celia’s favorite piece of art. Because Cameron King is in it.


It was painted by a local kid (high school, I think? Maybe college. There’s a sign right by it that says, but I can’t remember) It’s amazingly well done. Uncanny, the first time you see it.

These are my favorite pieces of art.


The canvas groups (college/young adult) painted them. I’m told that they put paint in those cheap squirty ketchup bottles and squirted and smeared around.


I think the kids are going to try them this summer, as a new take on our modern art creations.

The church kitchen, full of volunteers hard at work doing an amazing job feeding the cast and crew (and a few kids like mine…mooches, the whole lot of them!)


Chris being a goofball in the sound booth:


Celia showing off the KidStuff stage. She desperately wants to go up there. After seeing the Passion today, she REALLY wants to be in it next year. Specifically, she wants to be the little girl that Cameron King carries around the stage. I told her she had a few years to go before she was old enough for that one!


Throw a walk and a couple of skinned knees on the end of it, and that was our day!

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