Creepy things at night…

As I walk around after getting the kids to bed, trying to restore some order to the place (ignore the mess, I’m mid cooking/gardening frenzy), I turn the corner into my kitchen to find this:


Is that an infant? Sitting up on the stool in my kitchen? Unattended?

Oh my gosh. It is!


Thankfully, it’s not a real one.


Just real looking enough to give me a startle every time I walk into the kitchen. Dolls and I are on a provisionary basis anyway. The more real looking they are, the more they freak me out. And old dolls….just forget about that.

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2 thoughts on “Creepy things at night…

  1. This must be an epidemic. We have a big green power box behind our new place. I look outside Tuesday afternoon and there is a baby laying on top of it. I practically jump out of my skin.

    Then I realize it is a doll. I do this three more times before the little girl next door comes and rescues it (or me). I do not like dolls. Not one bit.

  2. Tempest Mom on said:

    OMG! I haven’t been back here in a while and just saw this post and about LMFAO!! Literally! Becks, you KILL me! That is so funny! Frankly, I think it was enjoying the view out of the window.. or was waiting in line for a bath.. or just wanted to freak you the hell out! 😉

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