Fundraising: Complete!

**EDIT – Right after I posted this, I went to the mailbox and found a card from a friend with $50 in it.  How amazing is that!!!**

Wow! I’m kind of blown away at how easily everyone made that…how freely my friend and family gave to help out!  Grand total raised:
free glitter text and family website at
That’s right!  $966.00 $1016.00!!!  How awesome is that?  So thank you thank you thank you very much to everyone who has contributed, to everyone who gave me tips and ideas, and everyone who prayed with me for this goal to be accomplished!  (I do have actual thank you cards going out to you, but as usual, I am behind.  They are coming though, promise!!)

We had another team meeting this past weekend to brainstorm, plan, and talk details about travel.  The child development team seems to be coming along well.  There are three of us, and we have a TON of really great ideas.  Our team leader has worked with these children in the past, so she has lots of experience to share with us.

The rest of this week is spent collecting and sorting donations and supplies.  We’re still desperately in need of shoes, so if you have those, send them along.  I’m sorting through the children’s measurements and trying to convert them to American sizes, and K, our team leader is sorting through tracings of the children’s feet to figure out shoe sizes for them as well.

We just placed a fantastic order for some Christian children’s books in Spanish to take down with us.  Bible stories for children, fun things like Narnia, and some youth issues books as well.  K is hoping to create profiles for even more children when we are there, so we can get them American sponsors and get them into the program we (and other mission teams from around the country) work with.

We certainly have a busy week ahead of us!

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