Honduras Update!

1.  Fundraising is going well, as you can see by my nifty little thermometer!  I still have two weeks to go and only $210 left to raise!!  Awesome.  This if the first time I’ve ever done fundraising for this kind of thing, and it’s gone much easier than I expected.

2.  We had a meeting today and got more vaccinations and medications to take.  I thought the Hep A and B hurt a little going in, but not much soreness now.  Chris thinks he’s dying of Hepititas.

3.  Got to meet with the other members of the Child Development team today too.  We have some really awesome ideas to get started on….so I’m really exciting.  Pediatric Dentistry donated a bunch of toothbrushes and toothpaste.  To that we’d like to add some little shampoos and soaps and make a little care kit.  I found a YouTube clip of LazyTown singing in Spanish about brushing your teeth (20 times up, 20 times down, it’s annoying.  But gets stuck in your head and gets the point accross!).  We also would like to take down one school uniform and one extra outfit for each child.  And SHOES!  Our team leader went in January and they had some shoes to give out and said you have NEVER seen people so happy.  We’re hoping to put all that in a tote or drawstring bag as a gift, then they can decorate the bag and use it for school. Also in there we want to get them water bottles.  The children generally take the bottles out of the trash to reuse for water….so we’d like to take them some of their own.

We have lots of fun craft ideas and games planned.  Last year they had a daily scripture that they copied into little notebooks.  We want to do this again and add a picture.  Either homemade stickers that they can color on (we can print them on labels) or small coloring pages they can glue into the notebook to match the scripture.  Several music games, some movies (usually I would be totally anti movie…but these are children who don’t have electricity, much less television…so a movie is a real treat).  Making some beads and jewelry.  Some singing, some dancing.  We’re hoping to take jump ropes to play with….and I’m debating if I can fit a soccer ball in my luggage somewhere.   I am going to take some beach balls and balloons..but Hondurans love soccer so I’d love to take a ball and watch the kids play (I’m thinking they could probably school me in it..so watching is probably all I’ll end up doing on that one!)  They were also able to take some Scholastic books down last time…Spanish translations of popular children’s books, and we’re hoping to do that again.

There is SO much more…but I have a lot running around in my brain now.

So anyway, my troupe of mommy friends, if you are going through you kid’s spring and summer clothes and getting rid of that which is too small….I’d love for you to consider passing your hand me downs to these kids.  We don’t yet have sizes of the children, but they are between the ages of 4-14.  (Many of them have younger siblings, and we will take a few things for them, but want to concentrate on the children who come to the nutrition center).  Their school uniform consists of navy shorts for the boys, skorts or scooters for the girls.  White polo shirts or short sleeve collared blouses.  We would also like to take one other outfit for each child….and SHOES.  Just like when you give clothing to any friend, please be sure there are no stains or holes.

If you find these items when cleaning out your closets for spring, just leave me a comment or drop me an email (rebeccamoranwv@gmail.com) and I’ll see about getting them!

I can’t even begin to say how much I appreciate everyone who has helped this far!  So many people have donated to my fundraising, offered me words of support, tips for travel, shared their ideas on how to help….and mostly put up with my excited non-stop rambling about Honduras and experimenting of random Spanish phrases.   So thank you Thank You THANK YOU for your support, thoughts, and prayers!

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  1. Kelli on said:

    Sounds great!

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