Carrot Soup….FAIL.

I had this very yummy looking recipe for Carrot Soup.  Since our carrots did so well this year, I’m planning on planting even more of them…and looking for good, freezable things to do with carrots (other than plain steamed or roasted carrots as a side).  This looked good, so I thought we’d give it a try.  I was even thinking (in the perfect little world of my brain) that the boy might think it ws tomato soup (since it’s orange and all) until after he tried it..and he might like it.

So, I roasted and pureed the carrots.  I tasted at that point, and it was quite good.  Added the stock to make it souplike….tasted again….GAG.  Ugh, it was AWFUL!

I’m picky though, so I had Chris try it.  He gagged.  Celia tasted and said ‘I wike it…I jus’ don’ wanna eat it’

What a waste of carrots.  So we had patty melts and ramen noodles for dinner.  Real nutritious.

Next up…carrot souffle.

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