30 Day Death Wish – Day 2

I made it through.  It is the longest 20 minutes of my LIFE.  Slightly more strenuous than childbirth.

Chris did NOT make it though.  It was his first time though.  I caught him wimping out on many of the exercises before then too (he tried to exercise behind me and thought maybe I wouldn’t notice…).

I realize that last time, I may have been a little too verbal in my dislike of Ms Fit and Trim Michaels because Celia joined us today, doing the exercises, falling over like she was half drunk screaming “I HATE dis lady.  Why does she DO dis to us!  Oh, is dis OVAH already?!?!  I’m gonna die!!!!”

So today I suffered in silence and made it through.  Only to lay on the prostrate on the floor for 5 minutes fighting the urge to throw up.  Celia brought me a cool washcloth.

This is why I can’t go to any gym.  Do you know how people would look at me if I stumbled around heaving and swearing (not real swearing, my whitebread mommy version “Great GooglyMoogly”) and collapsed on the floor when you finished?  These are things you can really only do in the privacy of your own home.

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3 thoughts on “30 Day Death Wish – Day 2

  1. I am seriously impressed. I wimped out after 10 mins when I began to feel like I might have to call 911, but wasn’t sure I could make it to the phone, a mere 10 dr away. I have since decided being fat isn’t THAT bad 😉

  2. Keep up the great work! After this pregnancy I think I’m going to try the 30 day shred.

  3. Kelli on said:

    Rock on!! Good for you getting Chris to try it! Can’t call you a wimp now, can he?

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