Peer Pressure Kills.

It does.

When I was in high school, I was a wall against peer pressure.  Now that I’m an adult, all it takes is the power of suggestion or even a thinly veiled hint.  So when my friend over at Crumbs in my Cleavage posted that she was starting this 30 Day Shred thing…I got interested.  When she posted that it was killing her….I got competitive.

I’m sorry, I can’t help it.  I’m competitive.  Part of the reason why I spend so much time playing that stupid Word Challenge on Facebook.  I played it once…then decided I must have the top score.  I’m still number two…so I must continue to play.

So CC posted that she was starting this…and I ignored the fact that she’s a mom to four, works two jobs, serves on I don’t know how many committees at schools, does all her very cute DIY decorating (hey, painting is no easy job) and a huge pile of other stuff.  In other words…she’s a supermom.  And this video wore her out.

So I watched part of the first video that she linked.  Watch it, seriously. There’s no harm in watching it.

Phshaw.  That looks easy.  SO easy.

So I set my laptop on the floor and started it over.  Thought I’d play along.

Do not try it.  Do not.  It is not easy.  That stupid Jillian makes it LOOK easy because she talks through the whole thing.  It was awful.  How many pushups are in there??  Like, 400??  I think I passed out after 6.  I came to with the dog licking the sweat from my face and Celia echoing the sentinments of Ms Skinny Butt Jillian “Push it out mommom!  Don’t wimp out on it!  You’ve gotta WORK for it!”

So I got back up and squatted and lunged until my legs gave out.  I think I sprained a boob during the punching exercise.  I was able to kick my own butt, but I most likely will not be able to walk tomorrow.

Celia gave me a sticker.  She says I did good.

I didn’t tell her there was a Part 3 that I copped out on.

CC lives a good long ways away from me.  For that, she is lucky.  All I can really do from here is send her death threats by mail.  I’m just hoping she gives up soon….because I can’t quit until she does.  And she’s already 3 days ahead of me.

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2 thoughts on “Peer Pressure Kills.

  1. work it…feel the burn…take motrin before you go to bed and have a hot shower.

  2. natalia616 on said:

    that is awesome! you two are awesome! and now you have inspired me to try it out.

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