Passport Application – DONE.

Got all my passport paperwork filled out and filed at the post office on Saturday.

Word of advice….never go to the post office on Saturday for anything.  Ever.  You might think that there can’t possibly be that many people planning to travel out of the country in the passport line…but trust me.  Anyone planning to travel in the next year is in that passport line.

Plus, while the hours on the website said they were open to passport applications until noon…..they really closed at 10:30.  I got there at 10:00, so I was just able to make it in before they closed.

Those things are expensive too!  Whoa!  I was not expecting that at all (I’m not sure why….but I thought it was just have a nominal administrative fee or something).  Almost $120 for the whole process (no expedited shipping).

I’m pretty sure the picture rocks too.  Somehow, just for that passport photo, I grew a double chin and a wandering eye.  It should make me realy popular going through customs.  Probably even qualify me for a cavity search or something special like that.

After the passport thing Celia and I went to a birthday party and had a good time.  Probably the funniest thing all month was one of the birthday boy’s comment about his cake.  It was the cutest cake..a fireman cake.  The fireman bear was putting out the fire in the house (which was the actual cake).  He loved that thing, could not wait to have it.  Then he was handed a piece of the cut cake and said in absolute seriousness:

“I’m not eating that.  There’s burning people in there.”

From the mouth of a three year old.  Priceless.

A late night at so.zo and an early morning for church made for a hair disaster for me.  In the midst of getting Celia and I showered and clean….I forgot to rinse the conditioner from my hair.


Also, I added a little fundraising tracker over there one side ————->

So now if you’re interested, you can see how it’s going.  Just know that it’s not instant though, so you can’t make it move by sending me .01 at a time.  Don’t disappoint yourself.  I actually have to go in and update it, so if you do send something and it doesn’t show up right away, that is why.

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One thought on “Passport Application – DONE.

  1. Ha! I was cracking up at your post office story. Ours’ isn’t even open on the weekend so I’m jealous. Good luck with your fundraising – I’ll have to “pay” you a visit :-).

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