Jordan tried out for and got the part of Oliver in his school’s production of it. We’re WAY proud of him.  From the script he has, it’s an abbreviated version…..and he’s enjoying himself already.

He’s very nervous about one of the main songs…because it’s so very high.  His voice hasn’t changed yet, so he doesn’t even have to use falsetto to get it.  I think it’s just the idea of it that is scaring him.  During practice in class the other day he said a lot of his friends clapped when he was done and told him after class that he sounded JUST like the Oliver in the version they watched.

We were sitting around in the living room and he was working on his script…so I asked him if he’s sing it for me to hear.  I was HIGHLY impressed.  I mean, I know that he’s very musical, but I haven’t really heard him sing in quite some time….and he just whipped out this song a cappella like it was nothing.

I think he’s going to do just fine in Oliver.

I am a little worried because we just got a not so good progress report.  Now, we already pulled him out of basketball because it was taking up a lot of time and his grades were going down.  Unfortunately, his grades have not improved.  It’s frustrating, because he WANTS to do well, and tries very hard to do well.  For the most part, he understands the material…but he’s just so disorganized that he can’t seem to get it together.  I’m trying to help him with that…going through his locker with him once a week, checking his planner a lot, asking him about his homework and making sure he has everything he needs for it before we leave the school.  But even when I see him complete the homework…it doesn’t always get turned in.  Where does it go??  I don’t know.  But we’re all beginning to think that he’s struggling with more than he can control so we’ve talked to his pediatrician again and filled out some new evaluations.  We’ll see where that goes.

Anyway, I sort of worry about letting him do an extracurricular thing when his grades aren’t what they could be….but I’d hate to take this experience away from him.  And I’m not sure it would make a bit of difference in his grades.  Plus, many of the practices are actually taking place in music class, so that helps us out some too.

He also impressed me the other day with how friendly and accepting of other kids he his.  We were talking about kids at church and he was telling me some of his favorite friends.  One of them is a very smart kid, but with some physical limitations.  It’s just nice to know that those kind of things don’t matter at all to Jordan…in fact, they barely even register with him.

I really like the person that he is growing up to be.

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2 thoughts on “Oliver!

  1. Erin Pettengill on said:

    Hey Rebecca – my name is Erin Pettengill – I am the editor of the Missionaries in La Ceiba blog. There are many missionaries in and around the area – see the links on the side of the page for some of them. I’ll forward your comment to Megan. She primarily works in a school, so her daily activities are that. The ministry that she and her husband are involved in is a Friday evening youth program. If you want to know about other ministries going on in the area – feel free to let me know. I’ve got some videos on You Tube that give a “tour” of La Ceiba if you want to see it. Take care and God Bless! Feel free to e-mail me at maddysmother@yahoo.com or you can post another comment on the Missionaries in La Ceiba, Honduras blog.

  2. sigh….tear… oh my

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