We made BUTTER!!!


Some magazine I read (Family Fun?  Family Circle?  Something) had a kid’s science project in it this month that seemed really neat to me.

All you do it take heavy cream, pour it into a container, and shake.  First you’ll get whipped cream, then after about ten minutes, you’ll get butter.  No joke.

Ten minutes is a lot longer than you think it is.  A lot.  My arms went numb.  We decided to fling and roll the container (we used a Ziploc container and closed it REALLY tight).

I thought you had to have special apparatus to make butter.  Like a churn.  And it probably helps if you’re like…Amish.

But you can do it in a regular old ziploc container!


Since I can’t remember which magazine, here’s the PBS Kids version.  I wouldn’t give your kids a glass jar, but other than that, it’s the same.

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7 thoughts on “We made BUTTER!!!

  1. Way cool…now add flavors. You can do a herb butter with dill or a honey butter or a garlic butter by using garlic powder.

  2. I did this once as a child, but lost interest before it turned to butter. Apparently, even though I was always complaining there was nothing to do in the country during summer vacation, I could always find something better than to shake a jar to make butter.

    How did it taste?

  3. Did you read the kids’ responses on the pbs website?

    Gammey of Frankfort, KY wrote:
    went very rong I hated it

  4. Tempest Mom on said:

    Oh what a great idea with the flavor adding!!! I bet that would be so delicious!! WTG “Mom”!!!

  5. Just a guest on said:

    Rebecca, are you related to this little girl:
    Olivia Moran is a 6 y.o. girl in MA w/ very aggressive cancer…I’m sorry to post this on your blog but wasn’t sure how to get hold of you otherwise since my BBC banning 😉 I saw the last name and just hoped it wasn’t a family member of yours.

  6. No, no relation of ours. Very sad though. 😦

  7. I need to try that! It’s hard to find real butter here in La Ceiba, Honduras, and often when we do, it has an “off” flavor.

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