Learning Spanish

I’ve been trying to learn Spanish.  I know that there’s NO way I’m going to become fluent in Spanish in just two months…but I’d at least like to try and have some understanding of the language before going.  It seems like such an arrogant American thing to do to not even try to understand any of it (though we’re provided with translators and housed with famililies that at least the children speak English).

You know how cheap I am…so I started looking for decent free tutorials.  I found one that is just right for me!  It’s a free iTunes podcast….and the guy is very easy to understand and explains WHY it’s said the way it is.  Spanish…well, it’s not English.  We have a very strange language that makes no sense at all.  Spanish kinda makes sense.  To me anyway.

Chris wants NOTHING to do with learning Spanish.  At all.  He’s cool with the whole arrogant American stereotype.  He also think’s it’s hilarious that I’m trying to learn it.  I’m pretty sure he called me a male lizard the other day when I said “Hey, handsome!” to him.  I thought maybe if I learned to flirt with him in Spanish he’d be tempted to learn, but, uh, no.  He just tried to mock me with it and murders the (already bad) Spanish I’m giving him.

Anyway, if you’ve been looking for free Spanish lessons, check out David Spencer’s Survival Guide Spanish.  You can go back in iTunes and download any of the old lessons (which are organized by topic, and are very short…around 15 minutes).  Listen from your computer or iPod…and there you go.

Now if I could just RETAIN any of it that I’m listening to…I’d be great.  I have no memory.  NO retention skills.  I’m hoping the sheer repitition of it will help..I once heard you have to hear something 7-10 times before you really ‘get’ it.  Here’s hoping that’s true!!!

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One thought on “Learning Spanish

  1. Tempest Mom on said:

    I think that’s GREAT Rebecca!!!! Good luck!!! You’ll be surprised how much you pick up when you are there!! That’s truly how I learned almost 9/10ths of what I know and I bet you will too!!

    If you want any help with anything, let me know!! 😉

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