Is has begun!!

I had a routine appointment with my doctor this morning and figured we’d get the ball rolling with all these vaccinations and medications for the Honduras trip.

Okay, okay, technically, the one I got today (Tetanus) is one I’ve been needing for awhile, even living in the states, but since I HAVE to have it for Honduras, we’re counting it.  It’s exciting!

Have you ever known someone to be so excited about a shot before??  And if the shot itself wasn’t exciting enough, check out the rockin’ band aid they gave me afterwards!


It’s really hard to tell because it’s so very sparkly…but that is one fantastically silver creation of a holographic band aid. All you parents will be quite happy to know that it didn’t hurt anywhere NEAR what I was thinking it would. I was imagining a bee sting or something…but it was way less than that. About on the level with an irritating tag in your shirt. The nurse said I’d be sore tomorrow, so I’ll let you know exactly how sore then. But it was seriously not bad at all.

She also wrote me a rx for the antimalaria drugs that I’ll need to start a few weeks before we go, and an rx for Cipro just in case I consume any of the water. I don’t know what scared me more…the thought of the bacteria making me sick…or having to take the Cipro (already being sick) which is quite strong and will probably also make me sick. We’re just going to be very careful and avoid both of those scenarios, k?

In other fabulous news….there are currently a few guys crawling around on our roof replacing shingles! Woot!! We’ve had the hardest time getting anyone to even come out and LOOK at the missing shingles, much less replace them. A neighbor had her doing her roof, so Chris talked to one of the guys and they are fixing them as we speak…for WAY less than I’d imagined it might be.

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4 thoughts on “Is has begun!!

  1. It will be sore tomorrow. I busted my head open once and had to have a tetanus shot. It hurt so much worse than my head the next day. Move your arm around as much as possible today.

  2. You are so brave…shots…yuck.

  3. Tempest Mom on said:

    Rebecca, I don’t know about where you will be, but I know that you should also get your Hep A vaccine. Living in NY their whole lives, none of my kids ever had it.. but when we moved here, the first well check-up included Hep A for all of the kids because we live so close to Mexico and it’s a big concern there/here for some reason. You might should (LOL) ask your doctor about it. He may not even be aware of the Hep A issue down there and so he didn’t think of it.

    BTW, my tetanus shot hurt like HELL!!!! Dude, I was in AGONY for days!!! My mom said it was because I had no muscle in my arm (after I lost all of the weight). I’m not sure what it was, but it was horrible enough to make me NEVER want to get it again! I couldn’t even sleep on that side for days!!

    I’m so glad to hear it isn’t hurting you at all!

  4. Oh yeah, I still have to get Hep A, Hep B, and Typhoid. My doctor didn’t have the adult versions, but can get them. 🙂

    It really didn’t hurt me at all, and wasn’t sore afterward until Chris was joking around and punched me in the shoulder. Then it was a little tender (but not near as much as I claimed it was!)

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