Sooooooo…..Chris and I are going to Honduras.

On a missions trip.

It’s one of those things I’ve always thought about, dreamed about….and never thought I’d do.  But now we are.

I’ve very excited, and a little scared.

Chris is very scared, and a little excited.

So, details on the trip.

Our church takes this same trip several times a year.  They do many things there…help at a church, help with the children, build houses, and help in the clinic.

This trip will be for arts (helping in the church with their arts program, which is what Chris has been asked to go help with) medical (we have 5 doctors, 4 nurses and an x-ray tech going to help in the clinic) and child development (there are 3 of us in this field).

So this week I’ll be getting my passport and talking to my doctor about vaccinations (I already have an appointment with her this week, so convenient).

Soon I’ll meet with other members of the team and find out some more on what we’ll be doing and what supplies we will be needing.  I do know that we’ll be working with the kids in two groups.  They are in school now, but they only go for half the day.  So we’ll have one group in the morning, and a different group in the afternoon.

We’ll be staying with host families and working within three buildings, all in the same area.  There’s the church (where Chris will be spending most of his time) then the clinic and child nutrition center.

The clinic is called Total Health. As the name implies, they provide a wide array of service for the people of La Ceiba and surrounding areas.  There is a full time doctor on staff there, along with a fully functional clinic and pharmacy (stocked by donations from the states).  Other services are provided depending on what doctors are there on a mission trip.

There IS internet access (which really surprised me) so hopefully I’ll be able to find time to post lots of photos and updates.

Anyway, part of the point of this post….is for me to go on this trip, I need to fundraise.  So here is me, trying to raise some funds!


Now, if this doesn’t work…I will have Chris beg. In fact, I already have the photos needed to do so. I don’t want to do that….it’s not pretty….but I will. He REALLY doesn’t want to go alone! For today, I’ll stick with the happy ones though!


If you feel in your heart that you’d like to help in this way, there are a few options. First, you could mail a check (made out to Chestnut Ridge Church, with my name in the memo). Leave a comment or drop me an email if you’d like more info on that. Donations made in this way ARE tax deductible.

If you’re not into the check and mail thing, you may also paypal me a donation. This will NOT be tax deductible since you’re sending it straight to me. But, if you don’t care about that, the option is there.

Any and all funds raised (either by check or paypal) will be donated to the Honduras fund at Chestnut Ridge Church. Should we be so blessed as to receive more than is needed to cover my trip (or should something prevent me from going on the trip) everything will be given to the Honduras fund for the church to administrate as they see best.

More than anything, your prayers are appreciated.  For us, for the church, clinic, and people of Honduras.

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2 thoughts on “Honduras

  1. Whoah. How long will you be there? This is seriously awesome.

  2. Very cool RB!!

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