Bead for Life

I just got the nicest ‘thank you’ in the mail from Bead for Life.

It’s a very pretty drawing of a bead necklace and the words ‘eradicating poverty’ and ‘one bead at a time’ in a pretty script on the corner.



There was a nice note to go with it.

I feel like I ought to be thanking them. I mean, they sent this HUGE box of beads to me (which means I got first pick!) all I had to do was schedule a showing at so.zo and *poof*!  Most of them were gone.  They sell themselves.  I had a few left that the MOPS moms went through and bought a few of…and then I sent the rest back to them (with the prepaid label they included).  Easiest thing ever.

Every time I wear mine I get compliments, and people are always asking when I’m doing it again (later in the spring, just so’s ya know).  It was honestly much more of a blessing to me than it possibly could have been to them.

Anyway, if you have been looking for an easy way to help those in need….Bead for Life is it.  Go to “Host a Bead Party” and fill out the info.  They will send you everything you need (if you’re having a large party, then you’ll need to provide credit card info to secure the order…but they won’t charge unless you take their beads and run) for free.

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One thought on “Bead for Life

  1. Grace does not look happy but the card is very nice.

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