Hanging out in Alabama

Celia and I have decided to hang out in Alabama for another week.

First off, we’re having a great time visiting with family.  I’d also like to think we’re helping out…but that’s negliable with Celia running around.  She does LOVE helping with the baby though!

I took some pics last night. Baby was getting fussy, and I was walking him around while mama was our for her evening walk…and we stopped for some photos.


In this one, I’m pretty sure he’s saying “WHERE’S MY MILK?!?!?! WHY ISN’T SOMEONE FEEDING ME?!?!?!”


Aren’t they so cute, even when they cry though?? Those little gummy gums and wrinkly faces!!

I walked some more, and Celia and Uncle Craig played with the Macbook camera.




And here’s the baby again. This time, I think he’s saying “GLUB GLUB! WHY AREN’T YOU PEOPLE GIVING MY MY MILK!!!!!!?????”


Aren’t we awful, torturing the poor baby like that? He tries to convince me that that his mama is starving him, but I know that can’t be true since he poops so much. Starving babies do not poop as much as this one. He’s a little pooping machine.

At that size though, even his poop is cute.

He’s also a champion farter. He farted so loud the other day that Chris heard it when we were on the phone (I wasn’t even holding the baby, sitting across the room) and commented on it. He wakes himself up farting. It’s hilarious.

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