Little Mama

Celia is very much enjoying taking care of baby.  She was ever so happy with her sniffles finally went away and she could hold him.  Then Monday morning, she asked where uncle Craig and Grandma Debi were.  When I told her they both went to work, she perked up and said “When is aunt Theresa going to work and leaving us the baby?”  She was slightly disappointed to learn that aunt Theresa is staying home with the baby (though we are getting plenty of baby time in while she goes to appointments or runs errands).

After she got over that, she prepared the living room for the baby.  She made him a little bed on the floor out of his blankets, got toys out of his room and arranged them, put the play mat on the floor, and got his little baby rocker out.  We had to re-arrange slightly because the room was so ready for the baby, there was no room for aunt Theresa so get through.

But finally they came down, and thankfully he’s a very pleasant baby and happy to try out everything Celia had planned for him.

Here she is with her new baby cousin, Allen:


When it’s time for him to eat (or he gets to fussy to play…ie, lay there happily while she plays his songs and dances around) she makes do with babying a dog. The biggest dog.

She got Tara all prepared for an afternoon or ‘wewaxing’ (that’s relaxing) and pampering. She covered her up


gave her some love


even filed her nails a little. I did pull the plug on the pampering when I caught her trying to put grandma’s earrings on the dog


Tara is very tolerant, but I don’t think she’d go for earrings.

We did have a funny moment in the yard. Celia had been running past the dog yard and getting Tara to run/lumber after her on the other side of the fence. Then we went in to the dog yard to play for a little. Somewhere in Celia’s screeches and squeals Tara decided she was a puppy in trouble and spend several minutes enthusiastically snuffling her, looking for a scruff to grab and rescue. No scruff was to be found, and Celia was slobbery, but fine.

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One thought on “Little Mama

  1. jocelyn/easyaspie on said:

    What an adorable little nurturer you have! She’ll make a very good Mommy someday! SOOOOO cute! Seriously, putting earrings on the dog? ADORABLE!!!!

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