The Smell of a Mechanic.

Well, our car is fixed, up and running again.

We went to go pick it up, and I get into drive it home, and it reeks.

Three days later, it still smells.  What is that freaking smell?  You know the one, the smell of every car repair shop you’ve ever been in, and every mechanic you’ve talked to.

Is it the smell of some grease or fluid that they use or comes from cars?  The combined smell of all of them mixed together?  Is it some sort of strange BO type smell that cars emit from their undersides…..and the poor mechanics just end up bathing in it to fix the car?

Or is it the mechanic himself?  I mean, maybe that’s how you know you’re supposed to be a mechanic when you grow up….you start to smell like one and your mom says, “Well son….”.   Or is it some sort of cologne that they all know, love, and just liberally share around the workplace.  “Here, trying some of this!  The chicks really dig it!”

I don’t know.  But I don’t like it.  It gives me a headache….and I hope by the time I get home the car has gone back to smelling like stale frenchfried and spilled juice again.

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2 thoughts on “The Smell of a Mechanic.

  1. Axle grease!! My leastest favorite smell in the whole world I think. As the ex-wife of a mechanic I have unfortunately smelled it a LOT. It takes days to wear off your skin and even longer to fade from anything like fabric or upholstery. But YAY for the car being fixed!

  2. Courtney on said:

    There is a Seinfeld episode about this. I think Jerry eventually had to get rid of his car.

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