Long Day of Travels

6:00 get up, showered everyone ready

7:15 out of the house, suitcases in tow

7:45 Jordan at school

8:00 kill some time at so.zo

9:30 hit the Gap outlet (on the way to the airport, got lots of good stuff) celia starts coughing

10:30 IKEA (also on the way to the airport, took the striped rugs back and had lunch)

12:30 Airport bring on celia’s sniffles and snot.

2:30 first flight takes off to chicago. very crowded, but a nice flight

3:30 (skip back to 2:30 chicago time) land

2:45 find a ben and jerry’s for some much needed ice cream

3:30 flight takes off to nashville. celia has not napped and the airplane air is drying her little eyes out, so they are red and watery. her ears are bothering her because of the pressure changes. but she is still sweet and well behaved. crowded flight again, no empty seats. no problems though.

4:45 arrive in nashville. meet my mom, get our bags, get everything in the car

5:30 – 8:00 fight horrendous nashville traffic to get home. Celia finally goes to sleep, but is restless and wakes several times, half asleep, confused, fussy, snotty, and mean.

8:00 finally get here. Celia perks up, but is too busy playing with the dog to eat dinner. She looks longingly at the baby from across the room. I wash up and get to take a fussy little bundle of baby sweetness (who settles right down for me! woot! I have the touch with him!) and I get to hold him for a bit then pat him to sleep.

9:00 put sleepy Celia to bed she was a mess all night. kept waking up, her throat hurt. She didn’t cough too much. I couldn’t tell if she was fevered or just warm from being cuddled in the blankets, so I gave her motrin.

Other than the meltdown in the car (understandable since she was overtired and sick), Celia was pretty much the picture of perfect behavior.  And now she looks and feels 100%, so we’re looking forward to a fun visit!

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3 thoughts on “Long Day of Travels

  1. Wow, I’m tired just reading about what you did! I hope Celia feels better!

  2. Yikes! You need some rest! I’m trying to keep everyone healthy all the while battling a head cold. Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed!

  3. Whew. You were on the move! Glad to hear C is feeling better! Have a great time and snuggle that baby for me!

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