End to the Adventure/Unintended Vacation Day

Well, our adventure as a one car family is over.

Mostly because we’re now experiencing life as a ‘no car family bumming a car off the in-laws’.  Thank goodness we have family that would do that for us, else we’d be experiencing life as the family that hitchhikes to school and work and church.  That would certainly make some waves.

We woke up yesterday with a good three inches of snow (finally).  Chris set off for work and called me just 15 minutes later.  My heart fills with dread, because it’s generally not a good thing when he calls so soon after leaving.

Of course, he can never just get to the freaking point of the story right away, especially when I’m worried.  So he starts off, “Well, you know how your biggest fear is something happening to our one car?  Well, it did.”

That starts my mind on a tailspin of interstate wrecks, 360 spins, tires in the air, blood and broken bones….

Eventually he gets to where he shared with me that the car just died, just stopped running, no dramatic end necessary.

Thank goodness.

Continues on to say that he ALMOST coasted into a little place to the side off the on ramp (he didn’t even make it on to the interstate) but didn’t quite get there, so the back of the car was kind of hanging out in the way….

And what?  Did someone hit it then?

No.  It was just in the way a little.

So after all that, I help him get the number of a towing service.  His dad helped him push the car out of the way, and then brought him home after the car had been towed to the shop.

Chris wasn’t happy about being home for the day, but Celia sure was.  Having dad home with snow is on the ground is a rare treat, and she decided to take advantage of it.   They both got bundled up and went out to play.

Celia helped to shovel a little path for Bennie down the steps.


Bennie was quickly transformed into the abominable snow dog. By the time he came in, he had balls of snow and ice like baseballs hanging from his fur. He loves it though.


Especially loves chasing snowballs.


Celia wasn’t going much of anywhere on her sled, so she got dad to pull her around the yard a little.


Later, when Chris and I went for our walk, he told me about his goof on the phone with the car repairman. He loves airplanes and anything having to do with them, so anytime something happens (like the plane landing in the Hudson River the other day) he spends hours reading everything he can about it, listening to the calls, watching the news, etc.

He had so immersed himself in ‘plane talk’ that while describing the problem to the mechanic, he said that the car “lost all thrust.”


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3 thoughts on “End to the Adventure/Unintended Vacation Day

  1. heather in nc on said:

    “lost all thrust” – that’s ALMOST sexual in nature. HA!

  2. I hate car troubles, we’ve certainly had our share too! Glad the day wound up being fun!

  3. Looks they had fun! Sorry about the car problems. My darn truck needs four new tires and I may have to set up a lemonade stand in front of my house to pay for them:(

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