Boy Crazy.

Obsession.  It’s not a pretty thing.

And Celia has it.

I’m hoping she outgrows it before she hits puberty.

Her obsession from last year (David Story) has been replaced by someone a little closer to home:  Cameron King.

There is some debate on whether she chooses her men for their fun names, or for their curly hair and musical talent.  But she is not the least bit shy about sharing her thoughts about them.

At least with David Story…she wasn’t likely to see him all that much.  Just request to listen to his cd ALL of the time.

We usually see Cameron King at LEAST once a week.  First, she had to know where he lived.  We’re at a so.zo function and she’s poking me and poking me and poking me until I agreed to go ask him where he lived.

Of course, he looks at me like I’m a crazy stalker nut.  Understandable…that’s not exactly a question you get from many acquaintences.  I explained that Celia wanted to know…and she didn’t need an address or GPS directions….but would be quite happy knowing what color his house was.

He told her and she told everyone that whole week.

Then we went to Christmas Eve service and Cameron was the narrator.  She was mesmerized.

Over Christmas break, Cameron (and his lovely wife Sara) had some traveling and lots of photos.  Chris and I are both on Facebook, and the way it works is when anyone posts a photo and tags one of our friends (like Cameron) it shows up on our page.  Serious, there was a photo on there every day of Cameron King.  And Celia would clamor to see them all.  She’s learning to stalk men on Facebook quite early.

One day, as she sat on my lap and commanded me to click through the photos, she said “Mom.  Isn’t Cameron King just the best king ever?”  Sorry Sara and the entire King clan….in the eyes of this four year old, you matter not.

Honestly…I think in her four year old fantasy mind…she thinks that somewhere, Cameron really IS a king.  With a castle and horses and everything else that a king might have.  Maybe that’s why she likes him so much.

In any case, it’s getting out of hand.  He sang at first Sunday and as soon as she saw him on stage, she wanted to go up there.  It took a whole lot of convincing to get her to wait until AFTER service was over to go join the line of adoring fans.

And again at church today, he sang, and she watched.  Then she cornered him in the church office and did her best to flirt.  Seriously.  Where does she even learn that?

And in the car, on the way home, she says “Dad, wouldn’t it be great if Cameron King (always the full name) lived wif us?  He could eat breakfast wif us, and lunch wif us, and everfing!”

Umm, yeah.

Now she’s sitting on Chris’s lap.  Once again, on Facebook, stalking her king.  They found a beach picture and she exclaims “Oooo, Cameron King wif his shirt off.”

I don’t even know what to say.  It’s getting embarassing. Can’t she like Steve or Joe from Blues Clues or one of the Wiggles or someone…well….that a normal kid might like?

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4 thoughts on “Boy Crazy.

  1. Marianne on said:

    Well, I’m not quite sure what to say…..either very funny, ….or….. be afraid, be very afraid. Either way, as a her mamaw, it’s cute.

  2. Marianne on said:

    Well, I’m not quite sure what to say…..either very funny, ….or….. be afraid, be very afraid. Either way, as her mamaw, it’s cute.

  3. yeah emma has the same problem, I am only hoping that she is worn out by chasing all the boys now that when it would be a worse time she will just focus on studiing or something. Yeah I wish. Or you could just think of it like this, at least she likes boys and not girls. There is something for that idea.

  4. Marianne speaks from experience.

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