New look in the bedroom!

For the bed…not me!  I’m not blogging any of that!

So I made that upholdered headboard this part summer….and I hated it.  I just really didn’t care for the fabric.  I had this one picked out, then got indecisive at the last minute and asked for advice….and ended up going with the stripes.  Everyone said that they would look more ‘modern’ and be more my style.

I think you all have grossly misinterpreted me…because I knew as soon as I finished that I hated it.

Luckily, it only cost about $5 (I had the fabric, plywood, and batting.  Just needed the upholdery tacks and mounting hardware).  And only took a few hours.

So today, I redid the whole thing. This time it didn’t cost me anything at all.

And now I love it.  And my entire bed set up.  For the first time ever, I’m completely happy with the look I have in there.


I also picked up a new duvet cover last time we were at IKEA (I’d been wanting it for almost a year, but they never had the right size in stock when I was up until last week) and re-appropriated the paper lanterns as decoration.  They used to be lights in the livingroom, but after we repainted….I didn’t like them.  So they’ve been in the basement ever since.  I don’t have the lights themselves hooked up, since we’re electrically challenged in there (there are like, 3 outlets in the whole room, none of them convenient.  One of the joys of an older home…). Also, the actual lights have no on/off switch.  You either have to unplug them or have an outlet wired to a switch.

So I just have them hanging on thread….hot glued to the ceiling.  I know, I KNOW.  They will probably fall.  Eventually.  They’ve been up for almost two weeks now and nothing has come crashing down.  And if or when they do…they are only paper.  Won’t kill us.



This is what happens when I try to use the timer and get in the pic. Corners of dressers and funny faces.


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3 thoughts on “New look in the bedroom!

  1. I love blue and brown. You are so crafty/handy. I am insanely jealous. My skills end at cross-stitching.

  2. LOVE IT!!!

  3. Courtney on said:

    So pretty!

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