For just an hour or two…

….I have my baby back again.

Most of the time, Celia is all child.  All grown up big girl.  No more chubby cheeks, no more pudgy hands, no more baby belly.  No more sippies, bottles or diapers.

She’s getting tall and slim.  She dresses herself in outfits of her own choosing.  She has plans for the day, friends she wants to see, places she wants to go.  She goes to preschool.  She’s learning her letters.

But every afternoon she becomes my baby again for just an hour or two.  It won’t last long, she’s almost done with this last drop of babyhood left in her: the nap.

She still needs it though.  I thought maybe she was ready to give it up, but after several days over overtired misery (and sleepless nights…she doesn’t sleep well at night when she’s too tired) I brought the nap back.  She loudly protests it for a few minutes….just to put on a show…because I think she enjoys it as much as I do.  Once she does her token protest, she settles down and snuggles against me.  She tangles herself up in me, we bundle under the blankets…and she goes to sleep.

Some days (many days actually) I sleep with her.  And we both wake up….confused and groggy and not wanting to get out of bed.

Others I manage to stay awake and watch her sleep for a little. She usually has jelly on her face (awful, I know) but for a few minutes she’s baby soft and sweet smelling.  And all mine.  She won’t nap with dad.  Then I slip off to do my chores and an hour or so later she comes out….almost toddling again in her sleepy stupor.  With the sweet sleepy baby look on her face.  Then she’ll see a cat, or a toy…..and jump to life and become all child again.

When did it happen that she went from this:



to this:


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One thought on “For just an hour or two…

  1. baby to child to teen to adult…it all happens in a blink of an eye. Enjoy each …cherish the moments.

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