Quiet Time

So Chris got me the Duggar book for Christmas.  I absolutely love the Duggars, always have.  Well, I love Michelle.  Jimbob is a little weird for me.

Mostly, I’m in awe of how she wrangles that huge crew of kids, without ever raising her voice.  They are really well behaved too!  And I can’t seem to get one four year old under control….

Anyway I think part of what she does that works so well is to teach her kids to be still and quiet from a very young age.  She does what she calls ‘blanket training’ with her babies, and just grows them up from there.  I also noticed in one episode of their show on TLC that she’s practicing with one of her toddler sitting still and watching the others have their violin lesson.

We never do that you know?  We never teach our kids how to sit still and be quiet…we just expect them to know how to do it and get frustrated when they can’t.

So Celia and I are going to practice.  We’ve worked some on sitting still and watching (like at basketball etc) but it’s still really hard for her.  So I’m going to try my own version of blanket training.  Starting today.  We’re going for five minutes, in a chair.  Playing with a quiet toy or looking at a book.  But you can’t roll around, you can get up, you can’t ask questions or talk.  Just quiet play.  And if she does it for her five minutes, then she gets a Hershey Kiss (I’m not above bribery).  If we’re successful, we’ll go for six minutes tomorrow.

I know she can do this.  She does this very well at school.  In fact, she’s super well behaved at school.  If I share any of her antics at home, they are rather shocked that sweet little quiet Celia could be such a handful.

On one hand, I’m glad my kid reserves her bad behavior for me instead of inflicting it on teachers and others…..on the other…..she must think she’s really got control around here to act so…..

Wish us luck!!

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4 thoughts on “Quiet Time

  1. Whew…good luck! I have fully expected Michelle Duggar to blow her lid any day now…but so far so good! I enjoy watching the Duggars too. Mostly for the shock factor.

  2. Shocker!!! It WORKED. She didn’t even notice the kitchen timer go off to signal the end of five minutes!!

    I’m hoping this is not just beginner’s luck or something!!

  3. Good Luck!!! It sounds like you may have found something that will work for you both.

  4. Krystle on said:

    wow, that sounds excellent– I may try this with Emma, she is a wild one, too!

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