First Day at the Office

Chris officially started his new job at the church on Friday.  Mostly just set up his office, since no one else was in and he didn’t have much else to do.

In all his years of radio, he never really had an office to call his own, so he was pretty excited about having his own space at the church.  We went to IKEA on Thursday and he picked out lamps, a rug, and decor, then set everything up on Friday.

I had to be at the church for a library volunteer day (and took advantage of the situation to pawn the kids off on Chris so I could get some actual work done instead of chasing Celia half the time).

Celia loved helping by taking care of Dad’s new little plant.  He’s got some fabulous windows, so he picked out a plant (and took the potted Christmas palm in as well).



And here he is, hard at work. Frustrated already (trying to transfer something from pc to mac!)


Here’s his fancy lamp. I made him get an actual floor lamp too….explaining that this is more decor than usable lighting. I think it looks like a huge green lunchbag. He likes it though!


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One thought on “First Day at the Office

  1. That is one freaky looking lamp. I wonder if you pack him a lunch he can keep it warm in there.

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