Here’s what I don’t get.

Jordan got a Nintendo DS for Christmas from his grandparents.  If you have a kid that goes to school, you will understand this is THE thing to have right now.

Anyway, he’s a smart kid.  Knows he doesn’t need two handheld game systems.  So he gathers up his Gameboy and some of the games he doesn’t play anymore and sells them to buy new games for this DS.

The game he picks is one he’s been talking about forever.  Nintendogs.  All his friends have it, he’s been dying to have this game.

Apparently you get a dog to raise.  You can train it, feed it, walk it, bathe it, teach it to obey.  Just like a real dog.

Now what I don’t understand is that we already have a real dog.  One that loves to go on walks.  One that currently smells like butt and is in serious need of a bath.  One that will only ‘sit’ if you’re holding food as an incentive.  One that could not catch a frisbee in his mouth if the alternative were to let if bash him in the nose.

So why did Jordan need this game again?  Why is he not doing these things with our REAL dog?  I don’t understand at all…..

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2 thoughts on “Here’s what I don’t get.

  1. Color me confused, too. There is, also, a game where you can take care of a BABY!! WHA?!! I don’t need the game; I currently call it real life.

    I am so out of the loop. I didn’t know these game systems were a big hit with kids of all ages. A girl the same age as DS has one and can play it. Add my kids to the weird list, because they can’t ride their bikes and DD (6 yrs old) never asked for this game system. I am so confused.

  2. Izzy has a DS as well… Nana got her one for her birthday this past year… she has Nintendogs… Her “puppy” is currently hungry, thirsty and filthy dirty because she doesn’t play it very often… she opts to play Hannah Montana or a “Teacher” game… I have no desire to play the teacher game, like SoMo says, that’s real life!

    I think it’s great that he sold the old system to pay for the new games… great idea!

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