Looking back on 2008.

Well, the year is wrapping up.  Before I start thinking, planning, and goal creating for next year, I like to look back on my goals for the past year and see how I did.

All in all, I’m very happy with how I stuck to my goals for last year.

So the green thing….the garden did okay.  The composting went okay.  I made that super neat rain barrel to water the garden with.  Celia and I made the doggie doo composter to deal with that, we’ve changed light bulbs, stopped using plastic shopping bags.  We started recycling and decreased our trash output drastically.  I stopped buying to much junk.  I feel like we did pretty good with that goal!

Family time.  I’m happy with that too.  We got full value out of those Valley Worlds of Fun passes.  I learned that the kids and I can travel by ourselves, have fun, and visit family.  We had a great DC trip.  We’ve seen basketball games, had sleepovers, gone swimming, seen school plays.  We’ve played in the backyard and in the living room.  Things went well.

Our marriage is good.  We’ve certainly passed that first five years of learning to live with each other and are content just……being.  Contentedness is a very nice thing.

I’m still struggling with depression.  This year I tried 3 different rx meds (one that was working, then stopped, one that didn’t work at all, one that seems to be helping a little).  I’ve had blood tests galore to rule out other things, tried vitamins and herbal supplements out the wazoo.  I’ve tried therapy and prayer and everything else I can think of….but it’s still there.  I just keep telling myself that no one is depressed for their entire lives.  That I didn’t used to be depressed, and one day I won’t be depressed again.  That this is just a season of life.  I will keep on keeping on and one day will be through it.  Some days it’s easier to tell myself that than others.  I did just finish a book recommended by a friend (Losing God: Clinging to Faith through Doubt and Depression by Matt Rogers).  I waffle between feeling angry that he had no magical cure to mak the darkness go away…and feeling hopeful because he admits one day…he just started feeling better.   It wasn’t anything he did or didn’t do.  Any prayer he prayed or didn’t pray.  It just….lifted.  Hopefully, this year will be the year my darkness lifts.

We learned that we’re still not dog people.  We’re just Shih-Tzu people.  Bennie was a great addition to our family and we can’t imagine life without our fuzzy pup now.

We moved Jordan to a new school and are amazed that such an awesome school exists in our area. Jordan went from being our little kid to being an adolescent.  With all the fantastic insights and challenges that go along with it.

Celia started preschool.  She stopped being our baby and started being our kid.  It’s an amazing (and sad) transformation.

As a last minute addition to 2008, we were blessed with a new baby in the family.  My brother and his wife Theresa just welcomed their firstborn son, Allen Vincent, on Christmas Eve.

Chris is ready to move on from his career in radio and into a new phase of life working at our church.

I developed an addiction to watching House reruns.

A very full year!

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2 thoughts on “Looking back on 2008.

  1. I’m surprised that they let you back into Valley Worlds of Fun! I just started laughing when I read that you had passes to there… then had to tell Scott about Chris’s 21st birthday party and the tiff you (and others) had with the manager! I’m sorry to hear about your depression… I went through 5+ years of anxiety and panic attacks… it was awful… turns out it was all from my ADHD… once that was under control with Adderall then no more panic attacks… it’s amazing. Plus now I can think kind of like a normal person! 🙂 There’s always hope! Love you, Jen

  2. WOW! What a wonderful reflection. It was a good year and a great beginning for the new year.

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