Even Jesus had a Mother

And in the preschool Nativity this year….that mother was Celia.

She was VERY excited about her part.  Then she found out she was not going to be given a REAL baby, much less the REAL Jesus to bring home…and she was a little less than happy.

But then she found out she got to wear a costume, and the excitement returned.  I had a brief panic attack after we got to the school and put her costume on and discovered a very obvious tattoo on her arm.  We found some alcohol and managed to rub it off and avoid the stigma of being ‘Biker Babe Mary’ for the school play.


I have to say she made a very good Mary.  Very patient.  Sat still and pretty throught the whole play.

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One thought on “Even Jesus had a Mother

  1. What a deal breaker! Don’t live baby? What the heck were they thinking?!! She looked very wholesome and Mary-like.

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