Jordan decided he wanted to go out for basketball this year.

After a few practices, it was pretty clear that…well, basketball is not soccer.  He’s not really all that skilled at the sport. But that’s fine!  He’s still part of the team, still having fun with his classmates, getting a workout in practices, learning the sport.  That’s the point of it.

He didn’t get to play in the first game.  He did get to play a little in the second game of the season.  Still, this is the position he played most.


(again, I just love photobucket’s stickers for blocking out other kid’s faces! so fun!)

He did get a few seconds in the game, and played his hardest:



Celia also found something to do:


That’s her purse sitting there. She made a little friend and let her play with the purse. Friend went to show her dad, and you should have seen his face when she came up to him with some random purse. He thought she stole it from a little old lady or something.

Celia is NOT found of the extremely loud buzzer. We had to go to Walmart and buy her those protective ear things that people wear during target shooting. So she sits through the game wearing this huge black earmuffs inscribed with WINCHESTER across each ear. Always increasing our popularity at the school!

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One thought on “Basketball

  1. I was HORRIBLE at basketball at that age…but one really does get better with practice. By the time I was in middle school I was starting for JV and by the time I was a Senior in high school I was a starting there too! I have so many memories in sports…tell him to keep his head up! Nothing wrong with being part of the “scrub club”. (as we called it) I had some good memories on the bench too!

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