Sleep! Why dost thou evade me??

Ridiculous! It’s almost 5 AM and I haven’t slept yet!!!

The thing that really sucks is that when our bedroom was upstairs, I could really get a lot done when I couldn’t sleep.  Now that it’s down on the main level of my rather small house…I’ve got to be quiet.  Mostly because Celia won’t stay in her freaking bed.  Chris wouldn’t mind.  He’s an easy and heavy sleeper, so as long as I don’t bang around too much….he doesn’t care.  Plus he understands and has always been pretty patient with my sleeping eccentricities.

Celia though….she wakes easy.  And if she sees I’m up….she’s going to want to be up.

I’m going to be plenty crabby tomorrow (technically, today I guess.  I can’t really call it day when the sun isn’t up yet though).  Celia would be MISERABLE.  And make the world miserable with her as well.

So far I’ve read two magazines and one (very good) book.  I’ve made 12 hair bows and cut fleece for pillows.  I’ve dug out the recipe I need for the cake I must make tomorrow.  But I can neither make the cake now, nor get any of my sewing done….it’s just too loud down here.

I crept in the bedroom for my bottle of water, and Celia has discovered I’m up.  Or that I’m not in the bed….I think she thinks I’m sleeping somewhere else.  See, when I’m in the bed…I keep her out.  She’s cast away onto a little pallet on the floor.  (I am desperately trying to get her to sleep in her bed…or at least not in mine).  But she has some 6th sense of when I’m either asleep enough to not notice her….or out of the bed….and then she slithers on in.

Even if I could sleep, I don’t think I could find a spot in that bed.

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