One Small Success

One small success before starting my marathong day!  Yay!

I dropped Celia off at preschool this morning and she sent me on my way with a happy smootch on the cheek!  No screaming and clutching!  Fabulous.  I thought we’d never get there though.  Not only could she not decide what to take for Show and Tell….she would not stop eating.  This morning’s food tally was: one bowl of Honeycomb cereal with milk, one cup of apple juice.  One bowl of Mini Wheats with milk on the side, one orange.  It was the orange that really slowed us up.  Oh, and she figured out how to peel her own oranges.  This is both a blessing and curse….

So now I must begin my marathon day…hoping I forget nothing.  I’m making a list…hoping it keeps me on track:

Call my mother.  Sister-in-law is getting ready to have a baby this month, and I like my daily updates.

Curl ribbon for more bows.

Gather all ribbon and bow making supplies, put in a bag to work on at so.zo tonight if it’s slow.

Frantically get some sewing done on Jordan’s quilt.

Hide all new Amazon deliveries from children.

Locate Jordan’s basketball practice gear.

Get over to the Magistrate and have them drop my ticket (NOT my fault…Chris didn’t get the new registration sticker on the car in time).

Pick up Celia at preschool.

Drop off basketball gear at Jordan’s school.  Obviously, he forgot it.  I know, I’m enabling.  But they have so few practices right now I REALLY don’t want him to miss.  Grumble grumble….

Call Chris and see if he’s free for lunch while Celia and I are in town.

Stop to buy Celia a new play cell phone.  She was letting a baby play with hers at a basketball game and it got broken.  She was SUCH a good sport about it, I want to make a big deal of getting her a new one.

Home.  Nap.

Feed Celia dinner.  Get back to so.zo to work at 7:30.


So those are the things that HAVE to happen.  I really ought to add a shower to that list, as I caught glimpse of myself going into preschool and it was truly frightening.  I also have some laundry that needs done, some sheets that need changed….and a fudge recipe I’ve been promising Celia we’d try for days…but all of these are being moved to the ‘optional’ list for today.  Maybe I’ll get to them.  Maybe I won’t. Except that shower.  Gotta get to that one….else eyebrows will be raised at my funkalicious self.

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4 thoughts on “One Small Success

  1. Ohhh who doesn’t love marathongs?!!??

  2. Doh! Obviously….to busy to spellcheck!

  3. marathonG? 😛

  4. I really like the new template!

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