Christmas at Middle School!

The middle/high school Christmas program was last night at Jordan’s school.  I’ve gushed over his school enough that you can probably guess how it went.  Just wonderful.  Seriously, every event that we attend there, and every person I meet that is involved at the school just impress me.  How long will he go there before I stop being surprised by nice, competant teachers that care about kids and do a fabulous job with them before I start just accepting that as normal?

Anyway, first was the band portion of the show.  Jordan and the middle school band played “Do You Hear What I Hear” then “Christmas with Charlie Brown”.  After that, the high school band played “Ukranian Bell Carol” then “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”.

After that there was a short intermission (with a cookie table, much to Celia’s delight) followed by the choir/drama portion of the show. They did a really good job with the show…it was kind of the Nativity story…from the perspective of the people involved. Neat.

Jordan played the angel Gabriel for a small portion of it. The kids got off with their lines…it was hilarious. We’ve got to teach Jordan to cover better…he’s trying to mouth lines to other kids! He was really nervous, but did a great job!

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3 thoughts on “Christmas at Middle School!

  1. I love how Jordan is trying to be slick. He’s so funny! He nailed his lines though!

  2. Seriously…how cute is he?!?! He did great!!!

  3. Wow! He did a great job! You must be so proud mom!

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