Ghetto Fabulous.

Well, as you can tell, things have not been going smoothly with Miss Celia.  She’s turned very defiant, sneaky, and sassy.  I’m back to being full time disciplinarian, which I hate.  She yoyos back and forth between telling me how much she loves me…and what a “BAD mudder!” I am.  Life is fun.

I just dropped her off at preschool.  She’s always LOVED it.  Never had a problem going to preschool in the mornings.  Looked forward to it and was running into the building in front of me.  Today one of her teachers had to pry her white clenched fists from my sweater and try to distract her as she howled.

I know that she’s tired (Jordan has us running every which way…first basketball game was last night.  He sat on the bench….but loved being there.  Good enough for me!).  And that she’s testing the limits every way she can.  So I left…knowing if she didn’t calm in a few minutes they would give me a call.

They haven’t called…everything is fine.  Drop offs just suck now.

So I have to hustle and use these precious hours of child free time to get a little Christmas stuff done.  All Celia wants from Santa this year is makeup.  She’s requested the real thing.  No baby plastic makeup kits for her!

How did I get this girly girl?  I barely know how to apply makeup.

So I’ve devised this master plan.  Buy real makeup.  Chip all the actual makeup from the case, replace with felt.  Buy extra brushes, mirrors, nail files.  Stick it all in a pretty bag and cross my fingers that it’s ‘real’ enough.

Since I’m not actually using the makeup itself, just the case…I went for the cheapest stuff possible.  The dollar store makeup.  I don’t even have to worry about this stuff having been tested on animals or anything….I’m quite sure it’s never even been tested.

I got a nice eyebrow raise from the checker.  I’m guessing she thinks I’m bringing home my hot pink blush, my palatte of blue and green eyeshadow, colors of which are so bright as to never actually appear in nature….and getting all gussied up for something.  I had to get a KitKat bar too….perfectly ghetto fabulous.

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One thought on “Ghetto Fabulous.

  1. Tempest Mom on said:

    OMG Rebecca!! I LOVE that idea!!! You always come up with the coolest damn ideas!!! My daughter wouldn’t fall for that, but she’s almost 2 yrs older than Celia and I’m thinking back to two years ago and I know she would have LOVED that pretend make-up!! BRAVO!!

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