Celia just snuck the scissors and cut up the baby Jesus.

My baby Jesus.

My very special baby Jesus, sent to me by a friend last year.  Last year, when I was making our own nativity set and had everything done BUT the baby Jesus….because I just couldn’t find anything special enough or anything that fit….a dear frient surprised me with the perfect little baby Jesus.  A bead baby, wrapped in wool, nested in a perfect nest of dried decorative grass and twigs.  It was perfect scale for the project I was working on (yet unseen by my friend).  The style fit fabulously.  I was so touched to receive such a darling gift.

And I go into the livingroom I have asked my children to clean so that I could vacuum and I find a naked bead baby Jesus.  Cut out of his wool bundle, ripped from his comfy nest.  Celia with the scissor.

She wanted to see if he had a butt.

Is this a sacrilege?  A blasphemy?  Something?!?!  Probably not.  But I’m crushed.

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4 thoughts on “SHE CUT UP THE BABY JESUS!!

  1. I will make you another if you want….is the bead salvagable for the head?

  2. I am pretty sure the real Jesus got a kick out of that one!!! 🙂 Hilarious!

  3. Rut roh! Sounds like something my little guy would do. But he has horns, a tail, and a little pitchfork so I kind of expect his indiscretions!

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