I’m at the groomer.

“You’re at the groomer mom mom!”

This is what Celia tells me seconds before she starts attacking me head with a comb.


“Don’t move!  Don’t scratch!  You’ll wuin it!”

“You hair is goin’ to be VERY stylwish wady!  VERY stylwish”

And indeed it does.



“You are gonna wook GWEAT for ya MOPS meeting mom mom! Dey are gonna say ‘ooooh, webecca, you hair wooks FABUWOUS!'”



I didn’t have the heart to tell her that MOPS was this morning. They would probably stare in shock and awe at that hair (though they’d understand. Since they are all moms).

She brought Jordan in to see the hair, and made him make funny faces. It all went downhill from there.





It went from there to all out wrestling on the floor, until she fell off Jordan and bonked her knee. Immediately it was “Jooooooooordaaaaaan! He HURT me”

Poor kid. All he was doing was playing along!

Now she’s sitting in the chair across the room from me sniffling and saying “Mom, you wook handsome and I don’t. I have a red spot on my knee. You wook fabuwous.”

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2 thoughts on “I’m at the groomer.

  1. WOW! I love it! Amazingly my father used to have that same hair-do after I was done! Must be the style! Poor Dad…he sad through so many hair make-overs. I hope I didn’t scar him.

  2. So cute! I really love the piggy tails. My almost 9 yoa dd always tells me how out of style I am as she steals my jewelry and hair products. Little turkey.

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