Home Again Home Again, Jiggledy Jog.

We made the trek back home again.  My mom came with us (and will fly back home in a few days) and let me tell you…that drive is SO much easier with more than one adult!!  Celia is getting much better about traveling in the car….but that last hour is still rough.

Chris worked from home on Monday and I used it to my advantage….we put up all the outdoor Christmas decorations.  It. was. fabulous!!  Usually, it’s two days of me wrestling with a little bit of stuff to go out there, fighting with Celia, etc.  This year we had about 3x the stuff (I hit up the post holiday clearances big time last year!!)  Mom helped me get everything out and unfolded….and Chris put it up outside while the kids played in the yard.  (Jordan was home due to a ‘mysterious odor’ at his school.  He’s home again today)

It looks SO good.  And as soon as I locate a camera cord, I’m putting up pictures of it.

Mom and I also snuck to Walmart and picked up Rock Band…so I’m almost done shopping!

Celia managed to bang her ankle on the slide while playing in the yard.  I’m not sure how as it was cold…I’d put her in her snowsuit so she’d stay nice and warm.  But she banged it good and was even up crying about it last night.  I’m not sure what’s going on there, because the pain seems to come and go….but it seems very year.

Today it’s snowing about beautiful!!

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