The long and boring road.

The kids, Bennie, and I have once again made the trek to Alabama for the holiday.

Chris couldn’t make it.  He had to work the Pitt game.  Hopefully, this is the last holiday we will have to spend apart.

We loaded up the car bright and early yesterday morning, braved the snow flurries, and set out.  The snow and mushy roads thankfully didn’t last long, and after that was clear roads all the way.

We had to stop a lot for Celia to go potty.  And she didn’t sleep a wink the WHOLE way here.  She also talked the whole way.  12 hours of Celia talking.  Wow.

Bennie discovered that he could hop into the back and lay on top of suitcases and baby gear (we were bringing some stuff to my brother), look out the back window and lay in the sun.

It was the cutest thing ever.

Until he discovered that looking backwards will make even a dog carsick and barfed on my suitcase. I got to witness this glorious event through the rearview mirror.

Thankfully the kids (espeically Jordan, the weak stomached one) didn’t notice…and somehow didn’t smell the barfy stench.

And Celia started complaining about having to pee.

Chris was nice enough to give me his GSP to use…which has this fabulous feature that will tell you the nearest anything to stop at.

If you’ve ever traveled the Blue Grass Parkway, you’ll know tha no amount of clicking will reveal anywhere to stop at for 30 miles.  Bummer.

So if you happen to be a member of Calvary Baptist Church in the middle of nowhere, Kentucky, let me just say that you have a cute little building.  I’m sorry I let me daughter pee in your parking lot.  But thanks for being a place where I could pull off the road and clean up dog barf from my suitcase.

I made Bennie ride in the front for the rest of the trip.

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3 thoughts on “The long and boring road.

  1. Marianne on said:

    Glad you all made it there safe. Sounds like it was an interesting trip. We will miss you at Thanksgiving dinner!

  2. I’ve done that trip to Alabama before, and God bless you for doing it every year! I’m glad there was only one puking incident. Dog puke is just gross! You should think about getting a portable DVD player for Jordan and Celia. That’s the only thing that got Will to and from Alabama. Have a GREAT holiday!

  3. Sorry, I didn’t mean to stay so long. I stumbled in here and sort of got lost. There was so much interesting stuff to read.

    Ok.. rent is due again and I’m broke, so I better move on…. I really enjoyed my visit..

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