No bugs!

We’ve been busy busy busy.

Jordan has decided to join the basketball team at school, and it’s an every day thing.  Plus Chris’ work schedule has been just crazy….and I’m going nuts with a birthday and Christmas coming up.

So today, even though it was Saturday, was much like any other day.  Places to go, things to do, hurry hurry hurry.  Jordan had basketball practice….so I grabbed the opportunity to take him (and get a much needed haircut) while he was there.  That left Chris with Celia for the morning, and they decided to go have lunch at IHOP.

After that, I picked up Celia so Chris could go work at the church, and we went to pick up Jordan.  We were early, so to entertain her while the boys were finishing up practice, I let her play with the flashlight on my keychain.  She was amused by examining the nuts and bolts of the bleachers for awhile…but then she turned to her favorite specimen.  Me.

Her memory is golden….and she quickly recalled a game I’d played with her a few weeks ago with the flashlight.  You examine a part and exclaim “no bugs!”.  So she intently starts digging through my hair with her fingers and the flashlight, and during a rare silent moment shouts “no bugs!”.  Loud enough for other parents to turn and smile at her cuteness….then get that look on their face as they realize she was digging through my hair looking for bugs.

I can tell already the other parents are going to want to have me over to their houses.  Catch my lice and all.

I did figure out the key to keeping my chapstick all to myself.  Menthol.  You know, the kind that makes your lips go cold and warm, all at the same time.  She HATES it.  Mean mom.  Mean…..but the new owner of chapstick that will never be smeared with boogers or slobber.

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