Parent Teacher Conferences and Plumbing.

Last night we had the first set of Parent-Teacher conferences at Jordan’s new school.

Once again, I am blown away by how much I love that place, what a great school it is, and how thrilled we are that we decided to go with it.

It was SO refreshing to hear all of his teacher tell us what a wonderful kid he is, how happy and eager to learn it always is, and what a wonderful addition he is to the classroom. They went on and on about how smart he is, his amazing reading skills, and just how nice it is to have in there.

Then we talked some about his struggles with organization and staying focused, but they really don’t see either of these as things are a classroom disruptions.  Just that he’ll be a more successful student when we help him master these skills.

This is a big differences from what we’ve heard the previous few years.  His teachers actually like him!  That’s such a comforting thing.  Because for all his wiggles and giggles, he really is a great kid, and I never understood how some of his previous teachers could dislike him so much.

It kinda blows my mind a little bit how every single teacher at this school has such a positive outlook, such a helpful attitude, and really seemed to care deeply about my kid…..and the others in his class, I’m sure!  Really, there was not one unkind or uncaring face in the bunch.  That’s really saying something anymore!

So Jordan is definitely at the right school…..and Celia is keeping me on my toes.

This morning she went into the bathroom, took a huge….well….poo….in the toilet, did NOT flush.  But then went and found the plunger and decided she needed to ‘plumb’.

EW!  ew ew ew ew ew ew.

Luckily, I caught her early on (before she made a mess outside the toilet).  The splashing around in there was a pretty good sign that things were not happenings normally.

Now I have to scrub the bathroom totally because you can’t tell me that all that splashing around and stirring of poo water didn’t make all those germs become airborn and cover everything in there.


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3 thoughts on “Parent Teacher Conferences and Plumbing.

  1. Marianne on said:

    I am SO happy to hear about the parent – teacher conference! That is fabulous news!

  2. YEAH Jordan….I am so proud of him…knew he was a great kid all along. And yes I am delighted with the change.

    And Yeah for Gracie…plumbers make very good money…could be a career

  3. Blech! I can so relate on the toilet issue. My six year old is afraid of plugging it up so he throws his used t/p in the garbage. Barf!!! Congrats on the parent/teacher conference. We have ours next week.

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